Hand painted tiles were first made by the early Chinese and later by the Moors who improved on this art form. This art then spread about to Spain, Germany, Holland and Portugal etc. somewhere in the 16th century. The Portuguese improvised on the colour blue and spread this art throughout the world today known as "Azulejos". Goa a small state in India was colonized by the Portuguese. They introduced this art form into Goa!

  • Genuine hand painted tiles.
  • Designer Tiles.
  • Work by experienced artists.
  • We accept orders for murals of any size.
  • Pre-designed tiles available at our retail outlet.
  • All out products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects.
  • We design Murals, Signboards, Art tiles, etc... 
  • Although we are a small concern, we produce art works which are the finest in the world and provide customized service.

Coming soon !
We export our works world over. .. offer the highest quality products and service and of course, the LOWEST PRICES for all our ceramic works. No Country in Europe can compare with our prices.

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Hand painted tiles